15th Perdix congress

Welcome to the 15th Perdix conference, jointly held alongside IUGB by kind invitation of the organisers. This will be the second time Perdix is held in Hungary, after Perdix VIII at Sopron in 1998, and the fifth time in conjunction with IUGB (the last conference, Perdix XIV, took place in Montpellier in 2017). Founded in the 1960s, the Perdix series has traditionally attracted partridge, quail and francolin researchers and conservationists from across Europe and North America. To make the Perdix series more attractive to gamebird biologists more generally, specialists of any Galliform species —whether pheasants, cracids, megapodes or grouse— are welcomed since Perdix XIII, which was held in Barcelona in 2011.

We therefore kindly invite All gamebird biologists from around the world to submit their abstracts to Perdix XV held in Budapest this September. We especially welcome submissions for the following oral and poster sessions and workshop topics:

Main presentations and poster sessions

  • 1. General Galliformes research topics
  • 2. Perdix & Alectoris: Conservation research & practice
  • 3. Galliformes: Conservation research & practice
  • 4. Galliformes and socio-economics
  • 5. Galliformes research and conservation – public engagement, policy influencing and social media


Workshop topics

  • 1. Key gaps in Galliformes research
  • 2. Galliformes conservation research and practice
  • 3. Galliformes research and conservation – public engagement, policy influencing and social media


Pre-conference Perdix field trip (Sunday 19 September – Monday 20 September) 

This field trip will take us to the traditional Hungarian village of Kozárd (ca. 1h drive north of Budapest), where in recent years, Péter Pál Hajas and his team have started to convert his family farm from a conventional farm to one run by sustainable intensification principles. In doing so, he has introduced a significant amount of wildlife-friendly habitat, tailored at his key farmland indicator, the grey partridge. Alongside the farm, Péter also runs an increasingly popular restaurant, serving gourmet dishes predominantly using regional ingredients.

Departure will be from Budapest on Saturday at 10 am, overnight stay at Kozard, return to Budapest on Sunday at 6 pm. Costs are additional to conference costs. Details will be announced in mid-2021.