Guidelines for oral presentation

Guidelines for Oral Presentations

Important note: The total length of the presentation should be no longer than 20 minutes. This time includes the questions from the audience. The presenters should make sure that their presentation fits in this timeframe. It is important to remember that compared to the scientific essay, the same amount of information cannot be communicated in the presentation due to the format and time restraints.  


Before Congress 

All presenters should follow the following requirements:

  • Please submit PowerPoint or PDF files only
  • Use horizontal position (landscape format)

All presenters should keep in mind: 

  • Letters and numbers are visible in the back of the room. Thus we recommend using (size ≥ 18 in Arial font)
  • Keep the slides clear and organized 
  • The take-home message of the presentation is clear
  • Selecting figures rather than tables is a better method of communication 
  • Avoiding too many acronyms helps to make the presentation more understandable

All presentations should include:

  • The title slide 
  • Addressed questions 
  • Used approaches and methodologies used to investigate the topic
  • Results that were obtained after an investigation
  • Conclusion of the work 
  • All figures, units and tables are named in the English language. 


On the day

  • All presenters are expected to be in the session room at least 15 minutes before the start of the session. 
  • the presentations may be uploaded in the beginning of the session, in the session room. The chair and / or other members of the organizing team will be available for assistance. 
  • In case the presenter is unable to conduct the presentation on the day, they should notify and arrange for the substitute for the presentation immediately.