Congress topics

The 35th IUGB Congress presents research and conveys workshops related to wildlife management, agriculture, hunting, urbanisation, ecosystem and economic progress and human-wildlife coexistence. We intend to build awareness around wildlife management's crucial issues by recognising some of the prevailing challenges and opportunities. Thus, the conference's central theme is "Mission Anthropocene: Wildlife Management in the XXI Century".

There are a total of ten key topics for the conference, which are the following:

  • Human-Wildlife Conflict: Challenges and Solutions
  • Coexistence with wildlife in cities: challenges of urban wildlife management
  • Managing impacts of ungulates and predators – game and/or pest?
  • Population dynamics, monitoring and the adaptive management of wild populations
  • Conserving genetic diversity of wildlife: the importance of scales and connectivity
  • Evidence-based wildlife conservation: from data collection to systematic monitoring
  • Emerging new diseases: wildlife conservation and the One Health approach
  • Human dimensions and effective communication of conservation science
  • Measuring and recognising the conservation success of recovered species: from evidence to change
  • Wildlife management in 21st-century agricultural landscapes


These topics may change in the future based on the submitted abstracts, and suggestions of the Scientific Committee. We would like to keep things as open as possible and allow for flexibility at later phases. Please be so kind as to share your thoughts about the above-listed topics and let us know if you have any proposal to consider.