Young Wildlifers Forum


In September 2021, the 35th Congress for International Union for Game Biologists (IUGB) will be held as an event of the One With Nature Exhibition. As a novel initiative, the IUGB will be hosting the Young Wildlifers Forum (YWF), where young conservationists worldwide will gather in the city of Budapest to voice their ideas and opinions about wildlife conservation. This forum allows youth to get introduced to experienced professionals worldwide and engage in in-depth discussions about their most passionate topics. The forum aims to recognise the young professionals' contribution to conservation by submiting their research work and presenting their results to the broader public. As a part of the 35th IUGB Congress, the forum offers many different panel discussions, research presentations, professional excursions, and more.


  • Introduce, Empower and Involve youth in current conservation efforts.
  • Promote international cooperation among young wildlife conservationists.
  • Promote research by young wildlife conservationists and managers.
  • Give youth a platform to voice their professional ideas.
  • Encourage science-based knowledge and ideas.



  • Research exhibition – submitting individual research abstract to the Scientific Committee and getting the opportunity to show the results of the research to the broader audience.
  • Joint project – working with other young professionals on a common project product of which will be exhibited at the Congress.
  • Panel discussion – going on the stage to discuss some of the most critical topics and concepts in wildlife management and conservation in a panel discussion.
  • Workshops – opportunity to sharpen the skills by attending workshops led by experts of different topics.
  • Seminars – listen to the experience of other wildfire conservationists from around the world.