Venue / OWN

The events of the 35th Congress of the International Union of Game Biologists (IUGB) will take place in the HUNGEXPO CONFERENCE CENTER (C) Building of the Hungrexpo area.

Address of the venue: HUNGEXPO Budapest Congress and Exhibition Center, 1101 Budapest, Albertirsai ut 10 (Click here)



How to get there? 

The  Venue  of  the  35 th  Congress  of IUGB is the C  Pavilion  of  the  HUNGEXPO  Fairs  Center.  

If  you  stay  in  any  part of Budapest and  want  to  find  your  way  to  the  HUNGEXPO, we  recommend  using  Google  Maps  ( or  other  similar  applications) and typing " Hungexpo into  the  search  field . 

For  those  who  use  public  transport  we  suggest  the  following  three  options  to  get  to  the  Venue : 

  1. Tram No. 37 or 37A : This tram starts from Blaha Lujza  tér  (in the  center  of downtown Budapest) and takes 15-20 minutes to the Venue. You have to get off the  tram at  the " Kőbánya  Felső" stop, pass through the railway subway, and on the left side, you will see the tall Building of C Pavilion. 
  1. Metro and public buses of BKK : In this case, you take Metro Line 2 (Red line) into the direction of  Őrs  Vezér Tere Terminal and get off at “ Pillangó  utca . Bus No. 10 passes on a circle from  Őrs  Vezér Tere Metro Station around the HUNGEXPO area and stops at each gate. According to the schedule, the bus will start every 5-10 minutes in the morning and the late afternoon hours, and every 20 minutes for the rest of the day. 
  1. Hungarian  Railways  (MÁV):  Keleti  Pályaudvar  ( East  Railway  Station ) is  the  station  where  you  can  take  trains  to  the  Venue . The  first  stop is  the  " Kőbánya  Felső"  railway  station where  you  have  to  get  off . Here  the  way  to  the  Venue  is  the  same  as  with  the tram . 


We  should  note  that  in  each  case the  departing  station  is  on  Metro Line 2.  It  means  that  if  you  get  to  this  line,  you  will  find  one  of  the  three ways mentioned  above to the Hungexpo area .       

Hungexpo  can  be  approached  by  car  easily but  we  don't  suggest  using  cars  in Budapest. Parking  can be a  nightmare , parking  fees  are  high , and  traffic  jams  are  usual.