Guidelines for Abstracts

Abstract format

Topic category:

Please make sure to choose the appropriate topic category when submitting the abstract. Please keep in mind that the international panel of experts reviews submitted abstracts in the subject. Thus the committee reserves the right to re-categorise the abstract as they consider.

Presentation preference:

Authors should indicate the presentation preference (oral, poster or no choice). Please note that the final decision on the presentation format rests with the Scientific Committee.


Abstract titles should be brief and reflect the content of the abstract.

Body of the abstract

Abstracts should include four main parts (1) Purpose/Objective; (2) Material/methods; (3) Results; (4) Conclusion.

  • The use of standard abbreviations is desirable. A unique or unusual abbreviation must be placed (in round brackets) after the first appearance of the word for which it stands.
  • The online abstract submission procedure will not accept abstracts that exceed 2,500 characters (body of the abstract, excluding spaces).
  • The entire abstract maybe 1 spaced, leaving a 2.0-cm margin at the left, 2 cm on top and bottom. The A4-size paper is now preferred. Submitted abstract should be prepared with a font size no smaller than 11 pt for the word-processed text. Use only Normal style settings. Another unusual formatting (including capitalisation, multiple spaces or tabulators etc.) is unacceptable.
  • Authors may include one data table in the abstract body in JPG format (this is not included in the number of characters).
  • Authors may include one image in JPG format. The maximum file size of each image should be 500 KB. The maximum pixel size of the image is 600(w) x 800(h) pixels.
  • Equations can be inserted in the text as images (only JPG format).

Abstract selection process

Submitted abstracts will be peer-reviewed by a panel of international experts in the subject field. The abstracts' review criteria are based on clarity, supporting data, scientific rigour, potential significance, interest in the topic chosen, and innovation or usefulness. Research that has not yet been conducted or where results are yet incomplete will be rejected.

Submitted abstracts will be selected for one of the following presentation formats:

  • Oral presentation (abstract submitted for oral presentation at any of the sessions): Only a limited number of abstracts will be selected for oral presentation.
  • Posters submitted for presentation in a poster session: The posters will be grouped by topic and displayed throughout the meeting.


Abstracts submitted for the 35th IUGB Congress can be withdrawn until August 15, 2021. To cancel your abstract, please send the email to . Please note that after the date mentioned above, withdrawal of abstracts is no longer possible.

NOTE: those abstracts that are submitted for oral/poster presentation should be presented at the meeting. If the presenting author cannot attend the congress, they are expected to assign a replacement and inform the 35th IUGB Congress office of the replacement immediately.