About IUGB

The International Union of Game Biologists (IUGB) is a non-profit organization with international membership. It has its legal domicile in Cernier, Switzerland. The organization aims to promote knowledge about game biology and related fields of study such as animal population management and habitat conservation. Its actual bylaws have been accepted in Moscow, in 2009.

The aims are to increase the knowledge about game species and any other areas related to wildlife, such as wise use of animal populations and the conservation of their habitats. The conference is taking place every two years since 1954. Over time, IUGB has become a platform that allows networking among its Members.

The IUGB objectives are as follows:

  • An international congress every two years;
  • Promote the concept of sustainable use of wildlife resources;
  • Stimulate research and international technical cooperation in the elaboration of new models of development and management of renewable resources, integrating wildlife conservation, wise use and economic decisions;
  • Promote awareness and recognition of wildlife values;
  • Support and advances high standards of education and professional performance in the field of wildlife management;
  • Contribute to the solidarity amongst its Members;
  • Is committed to the protection of wild animals and the conservation of species;
  • Exchanges information and encourages other forms of collaboration between this and other associations in allied scientific disciplines.

To achieve its objectives, the IUGB shall:

  • Organise, co-sponsor and promote scientific meetings, training seminars, excursions and similar events;
  • Undertake the publication of the results of its scientific meetings, encourage the submission of scientific articles to peer-reviewed journals, etc.;
  • Issue international directors of institutions and bodies providing education facilities supporting the aims and objectives of IUGB;
  • Encourage student participation through the presentation of awards for scientific contributions;
  • Establish close relationships with governmental agencies, intergovernmental bodies and organizations of the private sector concerned with regulatory matters related to wildlife;
  • Stand up for the concerns and professional interests of its associates and participants;
  • Use any other means necessary to achieve the objectives.


The current Liaison Officers signing this constitution are the founding Members of the IUGB. New Members are admitted by co-optation; each participating country is entitled to one representative. The IUGB shall be composed of a) the General Assembly of Liaison Officers; (b) the Board, and c) the Auditors.